Wappapello Lake


Annual Prospects Report

Wappapelllo lake is a 8,400 acre reservoir that offers a variety of fishing opportunities.  Crappie fishing should be good in 2019.  Conditions were favorable the last two years for good shad production and as a result white crappie growth has responded positively.  Anglers can expect approximately 25 percent of the white crappie they catch to be over 9 inches. There is a good number of white crappie in the 10 to 11-inch range. A majority of the black crappie in the lake will range from 5 to 8 inches. In the spring, anglers should target crappie in shallow areas around brush piles or on shallow flats. In the fall and winter, crappie can be found cruising large flats adjacent to the old St. Francis River channel or in some of the larger creek arms. The largemouth bass population will continue to be good in 2019.  Springtime electrofishing results indicate that almost 20 percent of the bass will be over 15 inches and almost 11 percent will be over 18 inches. Anglers should target largemouth bass in the spring in shallow areas along rocky banks and in shallow water around structure in the summer. Anglers should target white bass in the spring on the northern end of the lake as they move up the St. Francis River.  Anglers can also be successful pursuing schooling white bass and largemouth bass that are chasing shad during the summer months.  Bluegill fishing is fair, with many of the fish in the 6 to 8-inch range. Sunfish anglers can also expect to catch redear sunfish, warmouth, green sunfish, and longear sunfish. Anglers can expect good numbers of quality channel catfish and flathead catfish again in 2019. Many anglers are successful using jugs or trotlines for both species of catfish. For additional information pertaining to the lake please call the phone number above or email Dave Knuth at dave.knuth@mdc.mo.gov.


Wappapello Lake




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