St. Francis River (below Wappapello Lake)


Annual Prospects Report

Fishing for spotted and largemouth bass will be good for a few miles below Wappapello Dam and fair in the remainder of the un-channelized portion of the river between the dam and Kennett (Hwy. 84). Below the dam, fair numbers of 12-18 inches bass are present. Spotted bass are more common from Kennett (Hwy. 84) to the Arkansas state line, with good numbers of fish up to 15 inches. There are many 6-8 inches bluegill for several miles downstream of Wappapello Dam. Fair numbers of 6-8 inches bluegill are present throughout the remainder of the un-channelized portion of the river. Trotlines and limblines should produce nice stringers of channel catfish. Most of the channel catfish will be less than 22 inches. Decent crappie can be caught directly below the dam in the spring. Large buffalo and gar and an occasional flathead catfish, white bass, or drum could be encountered anywhere on the river. Occasionally a large paddlefish can also be snagged in the late spring during snagging season below the spillway.

St. Francis River (above Wappapello Lake)





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