Savannah City Reservoir


Annual Prospects Report

Savannah city reservoir, a 23-acre impoundment in Andrew County offers great potential for quality bluegill and crappie, as well as a good opportunity for fast action for largemouth bass. Largemouth bass can be located on shorelines, or on the plentiful brush piles all over the lake.  Quality-sized fish over 20 inches are available, but a large proportion of bass will be under 15 inches. Good black crappie and white crappie recruitment the past few years will provide plenty of crappie in the 8-10-inch range.  A few quality fish over 12 inches are available.  Anglers fishing for crappie should concentrate their efforts over brush piles. Quality bluegill that average over 7 inches are common, and can be caught near any shoreline habitat on worms or crickets.   Channel catfish continue to be stocked and all sizes are readily caught near the bank or on weedlines in the backs of coves.  Plentiful shoreline access draws many bank anglers.





Best Bets

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