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Along Hwy 17 outside of Downtown Waynesville. 

The brown trout population in Roubidoux Creek's Red Ribbon section continues to be very low. Late winter and early spring are the best chances to catch brown trout in this section. A rare trophy-sized fish is possible, but most brown trout will be around 12 inches in length. However, in the Red Ribbon section good numbers of rainbow trout continue to be caught over the 15-inch minimum length limit. Rainbow trout stockings in the White Ribbon section are not announced, but generally occur once a month throughout the year. Catch-and-release fishing can be excellent following these stockings. During spring and summer months, in the White Ribbon section, rainbow trout are harvested from the creek quickly after stockings (90 percent within 3 days).

Also, our 2017 fall population sample indicates rock bass (goggle-eye) numbers continue to be good. The average rock bass captured was in the 7-inch class with fish over 10 inches found. Rock bass are generally found in and around the stream's aquatic vegetation and woody habitat. Large catches of rock bass have been reported by anglers specifically targeting the species. During the fall, smallmouth bass find refuge in the lower section of the creek and can be fun to find while wade fishing.

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