Pony Express Lake


Driving directions: Travel six miles west of Cameron on Highway 36, then north two miles on Highway 33, then 1.5 miles on Route RA to area entrance. 

Annual Prospects Report

Driving Directions:

Travel six miles west of Cameron on Highway 36, then north two miles on Highway 33, then 1.5 miles on Route RA to area entrance.

Spring electrofishing surveys on Pony Express Lake (240 acres) showed significant growth of largemouth bass in 2020.  The number of bass over 15 inches is the highest it has been in 15 years.  The lake also holds good numbers of bass over 18 inches and often produces individuals over 20 inches.  Largemouth Bass are typically located in shallow locations during spring spawning but move to deeper submerged structure (tree stumps and brush piles) in the summer.

Our 2020 survey results suggested the crappie population is still improving.  Catch rates for white crappie were slightly higher than 2019 with a greater percentage of fish from 10-12 inches long.  White crappie from 6-7 inches were also abundant giving potential for better crappie fishing in coming years, if growth rates are good.  Black crappie were also collected in 2020 but they were much less abundant and the size structure was not quite as good. The best crappie fishing occurs near shore during the spawning period (April-early May) and most anglers are successful using small jigs. During warmer summer months, larger crappie are often concentrated in submerged brush. 

Channel catfish are regularly stocked and anglers often enjoy good catch rates for fish 16-22 inches with larger fish caught on occasion. Some of the best catfishing action occurs after rain events when fish concentrate to feed at inlets to the lake. During summer, many catfish are caught along old creek channels in the main body of the lake. The most popular catfish baits include worms, cut baits, and prepared stinkbaits. Common carp are abundant and can be caught on corn or prepared dough baits. Carp are concentrated in the shallow arms of the lake during late spring, where their spawning activity is easy to detect with extensive splashing. This lake offers a great opportunity for bowfishing.

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