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Annual Prospects Report

Anglers can expect good rainbow trout fishing in the White Ribbon Trout Area on Niangua River. Brown trout are stocked annually and rainbow trout are stocked frequently throughout the year. The majority of brown trout should be in the 14-16-inch length range during 2020, with a few greater than 18 inches. There should be good numbers of rainbow trout up to 15 inches. Rainbow trout will continue to be stocked downstream from Bennett Spring Branch throughout the year. Flies, spinners, and small crankbaits work well for catching both brown and rainbow trout. Smallmouth bass and goggle-eye provide much of the fishing action in the portion of the Niangua River above and below the White Ribbon Trout Area near Bennett Spring. Information from the most recent fish surveys indicate that on average, about 25 percent of the smallmouth bass exceed the legal size of 12 inches, and more than 7 percent are greater than 15 inches. There are good numbers of goggle-eye in the 7-9 inch range with about 15 percent of the population greater than 9 inches. Crankbaits, plastic grubs, and worms and earthworms fished close to woody cover and boulders are good producers. Smallmouth bass and goggle-eye are found around boulders and woody cover, especially when they are close to good current. Largemouth bass and spotted bass are more common in downstream reaches and in backwaters and eddies. Live bait, such as crayfish, minnows, and worms, are always a good bet. When using live bait, care should be taken to not introduce minnows and crayfish from other stream systems. Introductions of minnows and crayfish from different stream systems may upset the ecological balance of the Niangua. As always, the Niangua River is a great place to take kids fishing for sunfish. Longear sunfish and bluegill are plentiful throughout the river and are easy to catch with a bobber and hook baited with worms or crickets. Giggers can expect to find good numbers of nice-sized suckers.

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