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Driving directions: On I-70 ten miles west of Kingdom City, take the Route J exit and go south to Route RA. The main Little Dixie Lake CA parking area is off Route RA at the junction with Route J in Millersburg. Little Dixie Lake is located 9 miles west of Kingdom City in Callaway County. 

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Driving Directions:

On I-70 ten miles west of Kingdom City, take the Route J exit and go south to Route RA.  The main Little Dixie Lake CA parking area is off Route RA near the junction with Route J in Millersburg.   An additional parking lot, including disabled access, can be reached by traveling west on RA, which turns into County Road 228.  Turn north onto County Road 226.  Follow the signs to Little Dixie Lake.

Largemouth bass fishing should be good according to recent surveys. The density of bass continues to slowly increase due to good survival over the past few years.  As a result, there are good numbers of bass in the 10-11 inch range available to anglers. There will continue to be good numbers of bass in the 12-15 inch protected slot length range providing some excellent catch and release fishing. A fair number of bass over 18 inches (3 lbs. or larger) will be present including a few around 22 inches (6 lbs.).  Anglers can help improve the density of larger bass by practicing catch-and-release fishing for those bass greater than 15 inches. The upper end of the lake, rock jetties, and along the dam are the spots that usually provide the best fishing. Fishing around structure like creek channel drop-offs, brush piles, and fallen trees are also very productive.   Bluegill fishing will be fair this year. There are many bluegill in the lake, but most fish will average 5-8 inches.  Crappie fishing should be fair. Surveys show large numbers of 7-9 inch crappie.

MDC continues to stock Channel catfish and blue catfish in the lake each fall.  Fishing for channel catfish should be good this year and in the coming years. Surveys during Spring 2016 showed good numbers of 12-15 inch channel catfish.  The population should continue to improve over the next few years as they grow and reach a more desirable size. There should also be good numbers of blue catfish available to anglers. We had reports last year of a couple 30+ lb blue catfish caught.  Most of the 18-22 inch catfish caught by anglers last year were taken during the spring and early summer months, though large blue catfish were caught all summer.   Fishing off the jetties and dam, around cover, and near creek channels is the most productive. Good catfish baits include worms, liver, shrimp, cut shad, prepared baits, and live sunfish. Redear sunfish fishing continues to be outstanding. As in previous years, anglers will have the opportunity to catch large numbers of 8-11 inch redear. Chances of catching a 10 inch redear sunfish (Master Angler Award size) are good. Try fishing near woody cover and tree stumps in shallow water, especially in May and early June during spawning. Worms and crickets fished on or near the bottom work well. There is also an overabundance of common carp in Little Dixie Lake. Common carp not only compete with more desirable game species but decrease water quality as well.  Anglers can assist with the eradication of common carp by not returning them to the water when caught.  Little Dixie Lake is also home to a few large lake sturgeon. Lake sturgeon are an endangered species and are protected by law. Any angler catching a lake sturgeon must release it unharmed, immediately after being caught.  Check Missouri's Fishing Regulation summary booklet on how to identify sturgeon.   When in doubt about the identity or legal lenth of any fish, play it safe and return the fish to the water unharmed immediately.

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bluegill good on worms; largemouth bass slow, best on crankbaits and soft plastics; channel catfish slow, best on chicken liver; crappie slow, best on jigs; all other species slow; reminder that Little Dixie Lake is pole and line method only; all use, including fishing, is prohibited from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m..

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