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Ten Kansas City, Liberty, and Jackson County park lakes will be stocked with channel catfish (one-pound average). Stockings will take place throughout the summer (April through September). Anglers should note the daily limit is 4 catfish in the aggregate. Anglers should try using baits such as nightcrawlers, stink baits, and cut bait to catch catfish. Anglers are successful fishing these baits on the bottom in the spring and fall, or under a bobber in the hot summer months. In addition to the catfish stockings, trout (3/4-pound average) will be stocked four times during winter months (November thru March) at Fountain Bluff and Chaumiere Lakes. At all the lakes trout may be harvested immediately after stocking and a trout permit is required to possess trout. Trout can be caught on live and prepared baits, worms, minnows, small jigs, spinners, and flies. Maps showing the locations of stocked lakes are available at the Kansas City Regional Office (816-622-0900). For the latest stocking updates use the Stocking Hotline (816-525-0300 ext. 4001). Information on when fish are stocked will only be provided through the hotline.


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