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Call our Chillicothe Office at 660-646-6122 and ask for our Grand River Access and Conservation Areas brochure. This publication has directions to all of our access locations along Grand River.

Channel catfish are the most sought after fish on Grand River and its major tributaries. Any type of cover or deep hole attracts channel catfish, and several baits are effective depending on the time of year. Dip baits are effective much of the year. Cut baits such as shad sides or shad gizzards are especially effective in the late winter or early spring. Crayfish, nightcrawlers, or commercially prepared baits are effective throughout the rest of the year. Fishing with live bait such as goldfish, carp, or sunfish may produce a flathead catfish or blue catfish weighing over 30 pounds. Trotlines and bank poles are a popular and effective gear for targeting these larger catfish. Large catfish are caught throughout the river; however, the lower Grand is generally considered trophy waters. In order to estimate harvest, numerous flathead and blue catfish have been marked with a tag below the dorsal fin. Anglers catching a tagged fish should contact the Northwest Regional Office with information on the size of fish, date caught and location. Water conditions can fluctuate from very high to extremely low so keep an eye on water levels when planning a fishing trip to this north Missouri stream.

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channel catfish good on worms and cut shad; blue catfish good on cut bait; all other species slow.

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