Gasconade River (middle)


Annual Prospects Report

Smallmouth bass fishing in the Gasconade River's special management area in Phelps and Pulaski counties continues to be excellent because of increased habitat available from previous years flooding. Smallmouth bass from 12 to 18 inches are more abundant in this section than upstream or downstream of the area; however, these areas have seen a recent increase in quality fish caught. Large smallmouth bass can be found in boulder and wood lined deep areas of the river below riffles. Also, do not discount the slow areas of the pools where lots of baitfish hang out. Using shad imitations in these areas can be productive. Largemouth bass populations within this section are also excellent and outnumber smallmouth in the large pools. Largemouth bass 15 inches and over 3 lbs are very common in every pool fished. Fishing pressure for goggle-eye is heavy throughout the area for most of the year. However, a large population of smaller google-eye do persist. Anglers fishing for channel catfish can expect to catch fish larger than 20" on a regular basis with many larger fish available. Channel catfish population numbers continue to be outstanding for this section of river. Channel catfish are continually found in rootwads associated with good flow during the day and searching for food in pools downstream of these areas at night. Most catfish are harvested by limb line. Finally, the Gasconade River has a large number of Redhorse and other suckers. Every shoal in the Pulaski/Phelps/Maries portion of the river has the potential for exceptional gigging in the fall and early winter.

Gasconade River (middle)





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