Charity Lake


Annual Prospects Report

Charity Lake is an old, deep, clear, steep sided 13-acre lake nestled in a steep ravine in the loess hills of NW Missouri. The lake has changed little in the past decade, and is the perfect place to site-fish or try the fly rod for large bluegills up to 8" and Master Angler-sized redear sunfish over 10 inches. Largemouth bass surveys show catch rates at almost 200 bass per hour of electrofishing, indicating a very large, but stockpiled bass population, with most bass under 15 inches. Crappie are not as numerous as bluegill, but provide the potential for very nice fish in the standing trees and deadfalls along the steep shoreline. Channel catfish and an occasional large flathead catfish can also be caught. Ice fishing has become quite popular; try the deep water along the dam near stumps for crappie and bluegill through the ice.

Charity Lake





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