Black River (above Clearwater Lake)




Annual Prospects Report

The Black River upstream of Clearwater Lake supports a good smallmouth bass population. Largemouth bass and spotted bass are also present, but at a much lower density.  Smallmouth bass larger than 18" are present in the river. Shadow bass (goggle-eye) up to 9" are common throughout the river.  According to October 2016 fish survey, approximately 30 percent of the shadow bass we collected were larger than 7 inches. Anglers should fish the deeper pools that have boulders and rootwads. The river is crystal clear, so use light fishing line. Minnows or crayfish are effective baits and can be obtained from the river using a seine or cast net.

The Black River supports an excellent channel catfish population.  Channel catfish can be found in deep pools throughout this river.  Chicken liver or nightcrawlers fished near structure should be very effective. Flathead catfish are present in the river in low numbers.  Every year we receive reports of a few large flathead catfish (40 lbs) being caught.  Suckers are abundant and giggers should have a good season.

Additional information on this section of river can be obtained by calling the number above or by emailing Paul Cieslewicz at  River stages can be found at this web site:

Black River (above Clearwater Lake)





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