Ben Branch Lake


Driving directions: Ten miles northeast of Linn on Highway 89. Go west on County Road 314. Ben Branch Lake is a beautiful 44-acre lake built on the headwaters of Ben Branch Creek in the Ozark border region. The lake is deep and usually has very clear water. There is a concrete boat ramp and a nice disabled-accessible fishing jetty and privy. There is also 12-vehicle camping area very near the lake. This 563-acre area is heavily wooded. There are two small ponds on the area for more secluded fishing opportunities. 

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Driving Directions:

Go east from Linn, MO, on Highway 50 about 3 miles.  Turn left on Highway 89 and go north approximately 10 miles.  Turn left on County Road 314 and go about 0.6 miles to the entrance road (Ben Branch Lake Road). Turn left on the entrance road and proceed about 0.7 miles to the lake.

Ben Branch Lake (39 acres) is a beautiful lake in northern Osage County situated on a 563-acre Department area of the same name. The lake resembles a cove of an Ozark reservoir. There is a concrete boat ramp, privy, and disabled user fishing jetty at the lake. There is a campground on the area just two-tenths of a mile from the boat ramp. Largemouth bass fishing in Ben Branch Lake will be slower in 2015 compared to 2014. The numbers of bass are down and the sizes are small. Three out of four bass are less than 12 inches long. There is a protected slot length (12 to 15 inches) on Ben Branch Lake. Bluegill fishing in 2015 should be a little better than bass fishing. The population numbers are not very high but the size of the fish is good. Many bluegill are 6 to 8 inches long and quite a few are over 8 inches. Bluegill sizes were also very good last year. Fishing for channel catfish should be good. The Department of Conservation stocked 675 channel catfish in Ben Branch Lake in October 2014.

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