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The weekly fishing report updates every Thursday between April and September.  View a searchable version of the weekly fishing report and the annual fishing prospects at

Fishing success varies with the experience of the angler, gear, method, weather, and a hundred other variables.

Our weekly fishing report is just a brief "snapshot" as to what the conditions were like at the particular time and location when the report was given, and gives a general guideline for the overall fishing for that week. 

We hope the information found here will help anglers make informed decisions and improve success rates.

In most streams south of the Missouri River, black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted/Kentucky bass) may not be possessed from March 1 through the Friday before the fourth Saturday in May.  During those dates all black bass in those streams must be returned to the water unharmed immediately after being caught. For details see Chapter 6 of the "Wildlife Code of Missouri", or website at

PLEASE CHECK REGULATIONS CAREFULLY: Special regulations may apply to designated portions of water bodies; some baits and lures may not be legal for all portions.