9/26/18 Prospect Report: LaBelle Lake

Associated Area

Driving Directions

LaBelle Lake is two miles south of LaBelle on Route D, then 0.6 of a mile east on County Road 212.

This 112-acre lake in Lewis County is one of the region's most popular fisheries. Fishing will be good for all species in 2019. Largemouth bass are very abundant with plenty of fish smaller than 14 inches long and good numbers of bass in the 14-18-inch protected length range. In fact, one of every five bass caught should be at least 15 inches long, and one of every 10 should exceed 18 inches long. To reduce small bass abundance and maintain good bass growth, anglers are encouraged to keep bass less than 14 inches long, up to their daily limit of six. The bluegill population remains strong with excellent numbers of fish 6-8 inches long, and a few bluegill should be over 8 inches.

Redear sunfish up to 11 inches long are also moderately abundant. Black crappie over 9 inches long are common and easy to catch during the spring. Children, elderly, and disabled anglers will enjoy using the barrier-free fishing dock on the west side of the lake. Brush piles have been sunk below the covered dock to attract big panfish. Channel catfish will also provide excellent fishing opportunities. Good numbers of catfish up to 24 inches long are present.