10/3/18 Prospect Report: Montauk State Park

Associated Area

Driving Directions

Montauk State Park is located in Dent County, 22 miles southwest of Salem MO and 13 miles southeast of Licking MO.  From Salem, take Highway 32 west, 11 miles to Highway 119.  Take Highway 119 south, 11 miles to Montauk State Park.  From Licking MO, take Highway 32 east, 11 miles to Highway 119.  Take Highway 119 south, 11 miles to Montauk State Park.  

Anglers should experience good trout fishing at Montauk State Park during the 2019 March 1st through October 31st season due to the daily stocking of rainbow trout. The fish cleaning station continues to be very popular with anglers. This building is located on Hwy 119 between the parking lots along the spring branch, across from the Social Hole. Anglers can clean their catch and discard fish waste at the station. Fish waste is ground up and collected in underground tanks. The tanks are pumped out periodically and the fish slurry is applied as fertilizer for trees at the George O. White State Nursery in Licking, Mo. Although it is not required, it is provided as another option in addition to cleaning your fish in the stream.

The park is divided into three different zones: The catch-and-release area includes Montauk Lake and the section of stream below the lake raceways to the CCC spillway; the flies-only area includes the stream from Montauk Springs to the CCC Mill Dam on the main channel; and the natural and artificial bait area includes all of the spring branch below the CCC Spillway and the main channel below the CCC Mill Dam to the lower park boundary.

Anglers also have the opportunity to fish during the winter catch-and-release season from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, from the second Friday in November to the second Monday in February. Fishing is only permitted upstream from the old lower water bridge just below the handicap fishing pier in the campground.  Only flies may be used during the catch-and-release season.

There are several fishing events throughout the year. March 1st is Opening Day of the regular trout fishing season. March is also when the Men's and Ladies Trout Fishing Tournaments are held. Saturday, May 4th is the Spring Kid's Free Fishing Day. The Senior Citizen's Trout Fishing Tournament is also held in May. Saturday and Sunday, June 8th and 9th are Free Fishing Days. In August is the Summer's End Kid's Free Fishing Day. Also in August is the Kid's Trout Fishing Tournament. September holds the Missouri Trout Fishermen's Association Tournament and Veteran's Free Fishing Day. In October is the 55th Annual Rose Holland Trout Derby. Friday.