10/29/18 Prospect Report: Duck Creek C.A. Pool #1

Associated Area

Driving Directions

From Puxico, take Highway 51 north 9 miles to the main entrance.

Pool #1 offers anglers a unique fishing experience because of the extensive amounts of aquatic vegetation present.  The aquatic vegetation can make navigation and fishing very difficult, but this vegetation is the primary reason for the excellent fish populations that exist in the lake.  To create open water areas, Fisheries personnel annually apply aquatic herbicides.  In June 2018, herbicides were applied in the SE and SW corners of the pool.  These areas should remain open until August 2019.  In June 2019, we will apply herbicides adjacent to the NE and NW boat ramps.  For additional information pertaining to our herbicide treatments, please call the phone number above or paul.cieslewicz@mdc.mo.gov.

Black crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and warmouth anglers should have good success in 2019.  Crappie fishing should be good, with fish greater than 10 inches common.  The best crappie fishing occurs in April as the water temperature approaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sunfish angling should also be good, with large fish greater than 9 inches being common.  The best time to fish for bluegill, redear sunfish, and warmouth is during May and June. During this time, many sunfish anglers use crickets or jigs. Because of the crystal clear water, anglers need to use light (4 pounds) fishing line.  The Pool #1 Largemouth bass population is good shape.  Anglers may not catch many bass, but the bass you catch should be large (>15").   The chain pickerel population is underutilized and Master Angler size pickerel (23 inches) are fairly common.  The best pickerel fishing is in February, March, and April.  You should use spinnerbaits, other weedless lures, or large minnows.