10/28/16 Prospect Report: Harmony Mission Lake

Associated Area

Driving Directions

(Three-fourths of a mile west of Rich Hill on Route A)  Go 4.25 miles southwest on Route PP.  The pavement on Route PP ends and turns into gravel as Bates County Road 10508, which continues west about one mile to the lake entrance.

At Harmony Mission Lake angling for largemouth bass should be good in 2017.  The lake has good numbers of bass up to 18 inches in length and some over 20 inches.  Anglers are encouraged to take up to their daily limit of 6 largemouth bass under the 12 to 15-inch protected slot length limit. 

Harmony Mission Lake provides good action for sunfish. Casting small baits near submerged cover can produce plenty of action for bluegill up to 8 inches in length. Anglers can catch redear sunfish from 8 to 9 inches and some will approach 10 inches in length. Anglers may take up to 20 nongame species in the aggregate.

The Department of Conservation stocked 750 hybrid striped bass in this lake in 2015.   Anglers may take up to 4 hybrid striped bass at least 20 inches long daily.

Channel catfish are abundant. Three thousand channel catfish were stocked in the fall of 2013. Some of these should approach 20 inches in length in 2017.  Anglers may take up to 4 catfish daily.

Eurasian water milfoil is an aggressive nonnative aquatic plant which once ringed Harmony Mission Lake. The Department of Conservation has attempted to control the plant and efforts are beginning to pay off; the milfoil has been reduced significantly. We still ask anglers to thoroughly clean their boat before leaving the area so as to limit the spread of this plant to other bodies of water.  Harmony Mission is a zebra mussel free lake at this time. Please be sure to clean your boat with hot water before bringing it to Harmony Mission from another body of water.