10/27/17 Prospect Report: DiSalvo Lake

Associated Area

Largemouth bass are abundant and will run 8-21 inches, and anglers report catching fish larger than 20 inches each year.  Redear sunfish are very abundant and will average 7-10 inches while bluegill will run 7-8 inches. The larger sunfish spawn in shallow water along the shoreline from April through June and provide an excellent fishery. Many of these beds go unnoticed by sunfish anglers. Channel catfish are present, with most fish in the 10-17 inches with an occasional fish in excess of 5 pounds. Crappie fishing in '18 should be great. Surveys in 2017 found that White crappie are abundant; about 50 percent collected exceeded 9 inches. The less abundant black crappie will average 7-9inches. Crappie are found in the main lake channel during early spring and along shallow shorelines during late spring and fall. A paved boat ramp exists as well as a courtesy dock for boats. There is also a paved fishing jetty.  Fishing pressure can be high on weekends especially in nice weather.