10/27/15 Prospect Report: Wakonda State Park

Associated Area

The three largest lakes in Wakonda State Park are Wakonda, Agate, and Jasper. Fishing docks and rental boats are available on all three lakes, but you must provide your own motor. Largemouth bass fishing is the best in Wakonda Lake, but crappie, channel catfish, and common carp is also good. Agate Lake is the largest lake and found on the eastern portion of the park. Crappie, largemouth bass, and channel catfish fishing are best in the boat-ramp arm of the lake. The eastern and southern portions of the lake are dominated by gar, common carp, and other rough fish. Jasper Lake has provides opportunities to fish for white bass, channel catfish, common carp, and other rough fish.

Floodwaters introduced the invasive bighead and silver carps to the lakes in 2008. These fish may leap out of the water and strike passing boaters. Boaters should be cautious when moving within these lakes. Flooding also increased the risk of the invasive zebra mussel becoming established in the lakes. Boaters and anglers should reduce the risk of spreading this pest by inspecting and cleaning all equipment before moving other waters.

Concrete boat ramps and courtesy docks are present on both Wakonda and Agate lakes. Jasper Lake does not have a boat ramp but does have a fishing/courtesy dock. Kayaks and john boats may be rented for use within the park for a nominal fee. Motors are not provided. For additional information on boat rental, camping, and day-use facilities, contact the Wakonda State Park Office at 573-655-2280. Some disabled accessible facilities are available.