10/27/15 Prospect Report: Austin Lake

Associated Area

Driving Directions

Located west of Cabool and south of Mountain Grove. Take 60 highway to MM, go north on MM go approximatley 2 miles and take a right on Lake Road. 

Fishing in Austin Lake should be good according to our 2015 spring sample. The sample indicated largemouth bass population looked good with plenty of fish below and above the slot limit to accommodate those anglers who want to harvest. Big largemouth can be found around the dense vegetation on the west end of the lake. If pan fish are your delight, fishing for bluegill or redear sunfish should provide a lot of enjoyment. Our sampled indicated high numbers of bluegill up to 8 inches and there were several Master Angler redear sunfish to be caught. Use natural baits, especially nightcrawlers when fishing for pan fish. Each year 8-12 inch channel catfish are stocked in the lake. Channel catfish eat just about anything, and can be caught on a variety of natural baits using a small #6 hook, bait and bobber. Some cedar bundles were placed around the covered floating dock which will provide habitat for small fish to hide and bigger fish to feed; casting about 20 feet in front of the dock will reach those bundles. Submerged brush piles and water willow patches throughout the lake provide habitat for fish yet still offer anglers plenty of places to cast. Vegetation in the lake is managed to accommodate shoreline anglers and there is a covered floating dock. Benches are located around the lake so anglers may sit, relax, and fish. This is an ideal location for a family fishing day.