10/25/13 Prospect Report: Atkinson Lake (Schell-Osage CA)

Driving Directions

Atkinson Lake is located on the Schell-Osage Conservation Area.  Schell-Osage Conservation Area is six miles west of El Dorado Springs on Highway 54 to Route AA.  Take Route AA north 12 miles to Route RA and follow Route RA one mile east. 

Angling for catfish remains the best bet for Atkinson Lake especially in early summer. In addition to rod and reel, limb lines and bank lines, MDC now allows trot lines, throw lines and jug lines. These fishing methods are in effect for all ponds and lakes at Schell-Osage CA including Schell Lake.  Cut baits, especially shad, are always effective. Rod and reel anglers interested in channel cat may opt for blood or cheese baits fished below a float or tight-lined on the bottom. Daily limit for channel, blue and flathead catfish in the aggregate is four. Flathead catfish respond best to live baits such as bluegill, bullhead or green sunfish.

The dingy nature of Atkinson Lake typically produces slow growth of crappie, but we continue to hear reports of good-sized fish mixed in with numerous small fish.  April and May are best months for crappie at Atkinson Lake.