10/17/18 Prospect Report: Hazel Hill Lake

Associated Area

Driving Directions

Five miles northwest of Warrensburg on Highway 13, go three miles west on Route OO.  Hazel Hill Lake is a 71-acre lake with a disabled accessible fishing dock, parking lot, and privy located in Johnson County.

Largemouth bass are abundant; most bass caught by angers will be 11 to 15 inches long, but some larger bass are present. Anglers should experience good angling for bluegill and redear sunfish. Most bluegill are smaller than 8 inches, but some redear sunfish may exceed 9 inches. Nearly 1/3 of the redear sunfish collected by electrofishing during spring 2018 were 9 inches or greater. Fishing shoreline areas and coves during April and May with small spinners and small crankbaits, such as artificial crayfish, is a productive method to catch both bass and sunfish. Once shallow waters become warm in June and July, anglers may be more successful using worms and slip bobbers around flooded trees. Angling for crappie is good during April and May using minnows and jigs. Anglers may also have good crappie fishing during September and October. Some good catches of 9 to 10-inch crappie should occur, but some larger crappie are caught in the spring.  Channel catfish angling is good. A supplemental stocking of 1,065 channel catfish was completed in 2017. Channel catfish anglers should try using stink baits or chicken livers, and fishing from shore or along the dam in the evening.

Only pole and line fishing is allowed on Hazel Hill Lake. Outboard motors larger than 10 horsepower may be used, but are required to be operated at no wake speed.