Fishing Prospects

Fishing success varies with the experience of the angler, gear, method, weather, and a hundred other variables. We hope the information found here will help anglers make informed decisions and improve success rates.

Our biologists sample fish populations, perform creel surveys, and conduct other fisheries research on more than 130 Missouri bodies of water every year.

If a particular body of water is not mentioned, do not assume it detracts from that body. There are far too many bodies of water in Missouri for our biologists to survey each of them. Ultimately the test of any lake or stream is to fish it.

Based on Annual Surveys
Based on Annual Survey.

9/19/19 Prospect Report: Fellows Lake

Best Bets

Largemouth Bass
Fellows Lake




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So you've acquired some fishing gear, learned how to cast and studied your quarry. Now it's time to arm your fishing pole for action.